What is protein for athletes?

For several years now, protein supplements have become a fundamental part of the physical preparation and performance of people who exercise regularly, athletes and even athletes. And surely you are wondering: what is the use of protein in the gym or in other training scenarios?

The truth is that proteins, as nutrients, are a crucial part in the search for good health and physical and mental well-being. Meanwhile, within the physical and performance issue, various studies indicate that it is good to ingest whey protein because it promotes the increase in muscle mass and the gain of strength regardless of the moment in which it is consumed.

Looking at it this way, protein consumption sounds pretty attractive, right? Keep reading to know all its advantages and details!

What is a protein supplement and why is it important?

A protein supplement is a powder, pill or drink that serves as a substitute or complement to the protein that we do not ingest through food. There are different types of protein supplements and among the most important are:

  • Buttermilk
  • vegetable proteins
  • meat proteins
  • Casein

Among these the vegetable or AKA vegan protein powder is pretty famous these days.

However, The supplements contain certain proteins and amino acids that the athlete’s body has not been able to ingest for different reasons through food. In this way, they allow the person to recover the necessary energy for a high sports performance if they are in full training.

Now let’s see some of the many advantages and benefits that the consumption of these supplements provides.

Improves the appearance of muscles

One of the main objectives of people who consume protein supplements is to gain muscle mass and improve the appearance of the musculature. And it is that thanks to the intake of these products it is possible to achieve muscle hypertrophy, which is nothing other than the phenomenon responsible for the growth in the size of muscle cells.

Ensures high performance

Protein supplements are also essential in the life of an athlete because their consumption contributes to better physical performance. These elements are also essential to support long and complex workouts.

gives satiety

Protein supplements also contribute to the satiety of the body, something that helps the athlete to be in shape, but at the same time to have the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy life.

Why do athletes consume protein?

As we have seen so far, protein supplements are great allies for athletes. However, we still have another question to answer that we asked at the beginning of the article: What is the use of protein in the gym? Before beginning to discover the benefits and advantages of these elements, it is important to make it clear that they are not recommended for all people equally.

The ideal is always to consult each particular case with a doctor and a nutrition specialist, in addition to taking care of knowing and advising on the quality of the product before starting the intake. Now, if the dietitian recommends the intake of protein supplements, why should the athlete follow it?

for the objectives

Proteins are important in the lives of athletes as long as their goals are taken into account. If they are difficult workouts and with great wear, then that deserves the intake of supplements.

For the sport they practice

Hand in hand with the objectives, comes the discipline that is practiced. In addition to the frequency in the routine, it should be considered that some sports are already more intense or exhausting than others, and in these cases the supplements help the muscle recovery of the whole body in the shortest possible time.

for injuries

Proteins can not only recover muscle tissue, but also repair certain injuries that could have occurred in high-impact exercises.

by metabolism

Athletes also choose to take protein because it improves their digestion, achieving a faster and healthier metabolism. In this sense, it is important to say that what you eat after exercising has a great weight and allows the protein to take effect. It is recommended to have light dishes for dinner or lunch and, of course, drink plenty of water.

When do you see the results of the protein?

The results of the protein will always depend on the regularity with which the athlete ingests it. If your training is constant, like your diet care, the first results will be seen in a month and a half or two. In any case, the most important thing is to develop healthy habits beyond protein. A person should keep the following in mind when accompanying their training:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Make the four meals with a varied diet.
  • Do not demand if the body asks to stop.
  • Consume protein in all foods.


With the arrival of different fashions about fitness life on social networks, the importance of protein and the variety of protein supplements has multiplied.

Being a subject that is related to nutritional health, you must be very careful with the advice that is given. It is important to emphasize that protein powders are not recommended for everyone, since those who only go to the gym for fun and even as a hobby can obtain good results by eating healthy and incorporating their proteins through their diet.

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