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The Ultimate Guide on How to Wear a Hoodie

Hoodies are the ultimate comfort wear. Therefore, it easily becomes a part of our essential wardrobe. However, not all hoodies can have the same effect. It may be because certain hoodies are seasonal wear, while some may be made from a different fabric. Nevertheless, we cannot help but wear it whenever we go somewhere.

The first thing to note in a hoodie is that it is always long-sleeved. The second thing to look at is if the hoodie has a hood or not. These features set this piece of clothing apart from the rest! Here, we discuss some of the pointers you may need before getting your hands on a hoodie: 

For What Purpose?

First, we must identify what we are getting the hoodie for! Do we want it to have a perfect gym outfit? Or do we want it because it is comfortable to wear? Here are some of the reasons that will make you purchase a hoodie based on its characteristics:

1: Activewear

A hoodie can easily become your high-performance wear. Therefore, you are bound to find hoodies that can serve as your everyday gym wear. Hoodies are ideal workout wear because of their flexibility and elasticity. High-performance activewear has the following qualities:

  • It is moisture-wicking.
  • It does not restrict muscle activity.
  • It is odor resistant.
  • It is a durable and resilient piece of garment.

2: Casual

Of course, everyone has that garment that is all inclusive! They wear it on any occasion and even at home. And it is usually a hoodie that falls under these categories. What is cozier than wearing a warm hoodie and watching your favorite movie? Therefore, a casual wear hoodie for men like Next Level N6021 is the right garment for your day. 

3: Season

Lastly, we cannot forget about the weather we currently live in. Of course, no one would wear a hoodie in a hot climate! Meanwhile, wearing a hoodie is almost natural for everyone in colder regions. Therefore, a hoodie can be a seasonal garment.

Which Style to Choose?

There are various styles of hoodies for people to choose from. Following are some styles you ought to have in your workout and essential wardrobe.

1: A Fleece Crew Hoodie?

You can never have a wardrobe malfunction with a fleece crew hoodie. Whether you want to run errands or catch up with your friends, the fleece crew hoodie is your best friend! Moreover, a fleece crew hoodie makes you feel snug and warm and keeps you well protected on freezing days.

In addition, it is multi-purpose wear made for indoor and outdoor purposes. Consequently, it is a balance between style and function! 

Our Pick: To attend an important game, wear a Port & Company PC90ZHT hoodie to look snug and comfortable.

2: A Lightweight Hoodie?

Effortlessly take a long jog wearing a lightweight hoodie. For this, a tri-blend hoodie is a nice option, as it is extremely lightweight. However, you can choose any hoodie that seems lightweight to you. 

Tri-blend fabric makes lightweight hoodies because they are a blend of 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, and 25% Rayon. Because of the small percentage of cotton, which makes clothes stiff and crisp, tri-blend hoodies are soft and smooth to the touch.

Our Pick: If you are going with a tri-blend hoodie, try Next Level N6021 and get the comfort you wish! It is 4.3 oz, making it the lightest hoodie you can find!

3: A Zip-Up Hoodie?

Zip-up hoodies make flexible wear because you can wear anything underneath them. Consequently, they are great for layering. You can add other items with a zip-up hoodie to look fashion-forward. Moreover, it is easy to come out of the hoodie because of its zip feature.

In addition, it provides ample breathing space, making it perfect for the fall season. Consequently, you can pull off almost any look with this piece of garment!

Our Pick: An ideal winter wear such as Fruit of the Loom SF73R should become part of your wardrobe NOW!

4: A Hooded Pullover?

Lastly, you can never take a hooded pullover hoodie out of the equation. A hooded pullover will warm you and give you the comfort you need. Consequently, you can shield yourself from harsh weather even if you wear this garment alone.  

Unlike a zip-up hoodie, you would have to pull it up over your head to take it off. They are generally heavyweight, making them a popular choice when it is winter.

Our Pick: If you have leisure in mind, then wear a Jerzees 996 to make everything work out for you!

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is all about comfort. A hoodie is a versatile piece of garment that has multi-purpose functionality. Consequently, a hoodie can bring out the best in you if you feel the blues and can uplift your mental well-being! It is time to build a wardrobe centered on these pieces of clothing and get your priorities set straight!

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