Signature cuisine: what is it and what are its origins?

Author cuisine is a booming trend and more and more chefs are turning to this type of cuisine. Creativity is key, both for culinary products and services to be original, and for consumer experiences to be memorable. The goal is that your dish cannot be found in any other establishment.

In this article we will tell you more about what signature cuisine is , its origins and all the keys to carry out this practice present in the best restaurants. Keep reading!

What is signature cuisine?

Signature cuisine is an innovative modality that, far from referring directly to a time, place or culture, is based on the chef’s own experience. This makes possible the use of various techniques, products, utensils and influences, which make the dishes a unique and personal element.

This cuisine is extremely curious, as it bases the creation of dishes on creativity as the main element. Although the maturity and authorship of the chef is also necessary. To achieve innovative and unique dishes, it is necessary to have some experience and talent in the kitchen, as well as to know the essential condiments and spices in your meals .

It really is an art, since, in addition to the signature recipes in which the chef’s personality and personal stamp are reflected, the five senses also come into play. The combination of colours, textures and flavors must combine perfectly with the presentation of the dishes. Even the letter is designed to offer a complete experience from the beginning.

History and origins of signature cuisine

If you want to know what signature cuisine is and its origins, you should know that these date back to the 70s and were established as a gastronomic approach by prestigious chefs. The result was what is known as Nouvelle Cuisine (New Cuisine), a movement that represented a leap in the culinary industry and created innovative and unique dishes. This left behind the pre-established norms and guidelines.

This modality, without departing from what traditional haute cuisine was, managed to introduce new ingredients and enhance the design and originality of the dishes based on exhaustive knowledge of elements and flavors. The evolution of this idea is what ultimately led to what we now know as signature cuisine .

These are some of the characteristics that changed the history of cooking from Nouvelle Cuisine:

Subtlety and lightness

With this new movement, dishes began to be created based on the reduction of fat, and the substitution of very heavy sauces for options that did not change the flavor of the ingredients.

Oriental techniques and minimalism

Another of the great changes was the introduction of oriental techniques in the traditionally European processes. In addition, ingredients from all over the world were incorporated into the recipes, reducing portion sizes and changing the presentation of the dishes.

The decoration of the dishes also gained importance thanks to garnishes, shapes and designs from other latitudes.


From this time on, the cook became a connoisseur, giving him the ability to specialize in unique dishes. This is, without a doubt, one of the most important precedents for creating signature recipes, since each experience became unrepeatable and only possible to achieve with the steps determined by each chef.

I don’t waste

Something important to highlight is that Nouvelle Cuisine allows the ingredient to be used in its entirety, which favors the reduction of waste.

Is signature cuisine profitable for a restaurant?

The product and the complete experience of signature cuisine is tempting for any type of gastronomic business that wants to join one of the biggest trends in the culinary world. Usually this kitchen is labeled for housing expensive ingredients, but the truth is that the concept is more related to the fact of leaving the molds of traditional cuisine and offering a unique proposal. Now, is it profitable for any restaurant?

If you are considering dabbling with a signature culinary proposal, you should first consider these issues around costs and associated profits:

Quality, experience and results: qualities that are paid

You cannot have an author proposal without offering the best of the best. In this kitchen, every little detail must be considered. You must be clear about what is the best cooking oil , to what dish each recipe will be served on and at what temperature.

Certainly, the products used are of the highest quality, since the chef who is in charge of the menu must have great experience and capacity. Also, the ambiance has to match the dining experience.

There are several factors to take into account, and all of them require the right investment to obtain the best possible result. To believe that it is an inexpensive alternative to offer in a restaurant is to be wrong beforehand.

Investments that return to a large extent

Just as the costs are high for the preparation of each dish, the average ticket for signature cuisine tends to be much higher than that of ordinary restaurants.

Certainly, exclusivity has a high price and the public is willing to pay more for a gastronomic experience that overflows with quality and creativity.

Additionally, the consumption occasion is usually quite exceptional, so you cannot expect to have the same customers every week.


Now that you know what signature cuisine is and why it is so exclusive and original, we want to tell you that this is just one of the topics that you can learn in our Diploma in International Cuisine. And you can become an amazing chef or a private chef. Let our experts guide you along the way and start your own business today.

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