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How to View a Friends Wishlist on Steam

If you have a friend on Steam, they likely have an extensive wishlist of games they would love to get. It’s an efficient way for you to discover what they want without having to spend hours searching through the store yourself; plus, gifting them becomes much simpler with Steam!

How to View a Friends Wishlist on Steam

To begin viewing your friend’s wishlist on Steam, open the app on your mobile device, log in if necessary, and tap “three lines” button located at upper right corner. You should now see an option labeled “Friends & Chat,” which you can select to reveal their profile.

Once you’ve opened their profile, you should be able to view their Wishlist in the left sidebar under their icon and online status. With Options or Sort drop-down menus, you can filter your friend’s list according to preferences, as well as change its visibility from Compact to Expanded.

How to Add a Game to Your Friends’ Wishlist

One of the great advantages of Steam is its ability to save games you want to buy, and alert you when prices drop below your desired range. Plus, Steam will send an email alert whenever new titles become available for purchase.

How to Share Your Steam Wishlist with Others

You have several ways of sharing your Steam Wishlist with other users on the web or mobile app. You can send them an email or text message, or link directly to the Wishlist page.

How to View Your Friends’ Wishlist on Steam

If you’re watching a friend’s game stream on the Steam platform, their wishlist can usually be found in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use the mobile app, check out their list from within the desktop version of the application instead.

How to Gift a Game on Steam

With ease, you can gift games to your friends directly from your account on Steam’s website or mobile app. It’s an ideal way to show them you care about their gaming experience as well as showcase some of your own titles!

How to Add a Game from Your Friends’ Wishlist

Once you find a game your friend would enjoy, simply click “Add to Cart.” After that, you can choose to purchase it as a gift for them. For an even more personal touch, enter a special message, sentiment and signature to make the present even more meaningful.

How to Add a Game to Your Wishlist from Steam

Steam’s wishlist is user-friendly and doesn’t require any complicated settings or downloads. In fact, it’s even simpler if you’re viewing the Steam application on your smartphone!

To add a game to your friend’s wishlist, navigate to their Steam profile and scroll down until you find the Games section. Tap the Wishlist button, and you will be taken directly to their wishlist page where all the desired titles can be seen. Clicking any title in your cart will add it directly into their inventory after payment has been completed. You may pre-check it as a gift before purchasing for your friend – no hassle!

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