How can YouTube comments help my channel?

Users of YouTube utilize the site as a one-stop shop for entertainment, search, and social media. But more significantly, they actively express their opinions in YouTube comments, be it good, bad, or, even nasty. The engagement has evolved into a critical component of social media algorithms. What appears in users’ news feeds is influenced by the comments and responses users leave for your content.

YouTube comments permit the site’s 1.7 billion original monthly viewers to express what they like, dislike or simply hate. They can also be an excellent tool for encouraging community development and interaction.

Therefore, If YouTube is a component of your social marketing strategy and you want to make the absolute most of your presence there, successfully managing your comments (including moderation, answers, and analysis) is crucial. It is reasonable to believe that the search algorithm offers your content greater rankings for some searches because it views comments on them as a significant indicator of their quality. Your video content will be seen more frequently online the more frequently you are found in YouTube or Google searches. You start boosting the visibility of your material, make sure to invite comments on your videos and take the time to respond to them. In this manner, youtube comments help your channel to encourage its reach and popularity. Continue reading to clear all your doubts regarding YouTube comments.

How do YouTube comments affect your channel?

You may be aware that the latest algorithm of YouTube is based on the user satisfaction by finding the most relatable content for them. The entire purpose of YouTube is to maximize customer retention and keep consumers watching videos for as long as possible. 

Adding thoughtful comments on your and others’ videos demonstrates that you are engaging and communicating with your audience, which is something all social media influencers should do.

Creators should start a conversation by leaving the first comment on any content they submit. This is a fantastic engagement technique because doing it first may motivate others to respond.

Furthermore, Google uses comments to determine how popular your videos are. Sometimes comments on your videos might spark a debate and become a trending topic. Countless videos have gone popular as a result of comments, with some remarks receiving more significant likes than the video itself. This can be crucial for increasing your number of subscribers.

The more comments and involvement a video receives, the more relevance YouTube’s and Google’s search algorithms give to it for particular results. It’s one of many factors considered by this algorithm when determining which videos to rank about which relevant keywords.

You will enhance future and existing relationships with your audience by answering inquiries, replying to comments, and addressing concerns. Whenever responding to YouTube comments, use a personalized tone to make your content appear friendly.

What can you do with comments to help your channel?

Highlight your Favourite comments: When you “heart” a comment, readers may receive an alert that you enjoyed what they posted. This is a simple and straightforward approach to increase fan engagement and express your appreciation to fans.

Responding to comments made on your videos, which are often about your content relating to products, services, or niches, demonstrates the grasp of your specialty. The more questions you answer from your viewers, the more likely they are to return to your channel as the expertise on a specific niche.

In addition to making insightful, high-quality videos, you should also encourage meaningful discussion in the comments that your visitors post on your videos. The best brand in your niche is yours. Therefore, make sure your fans or target audience are aware of this by answering and responding to comments.

A comment gets “pinned” when you move it to the top of the list of comments that follow your video for viewers to see. Pinning a comment on a video is simple and effective. Once you’ve posted your comment, select Pin from the drop-down list by clicking on the menu icon with the three dots next to it. Then click the blue button to confirm. Some content producers might utilize pinned comments to highlight something fantastic one of their audience members posted. It works well to provide the commenter with a sense of recognition and help ensure your followers don’t miss a significant comment. To advertise and expand your channel, one can also pin their comment.

Make a Q&A video session to address comments. Ask personal questions from your YouTube subscribers, then use the entire video to address them. Notify viewers that you will respond to all comments on your YouTube channel for the following hour as soon as your video goes live. Your subscribers and target audience will take advantage of the chance to talk to you and get recognition. Set a brief time limit for comments to give visitors a heightened sense of urgency.

Show the audience comments at the end of your videos. Doing so will make your target audience feel recognized and appreciated. You should also inform viewers that now the best remark will be included on the end screen of the next video!

You should make Comments on the YouTube channels of other users. Identify other YouTubers who are either in your niche or who you admire. Post creative and exciting remarks on their videos.


Remember that YouTube is a social network. It’s currently the third biggest in the world after Google and Facebook. Embracing social media best practices can help you create a great community around your content and establish the tone for your YouTube comments. You can promote optimism via your scope instead of the negativity trolls enjoy by citing encouraging commentators with thoughtful answers.

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